Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beachy Subway Art #2

I just finished my second subway art project. It's been sittin' for awhile.
All of the beach names where stenciled and painted by hand. 
Yessiree Bob it is quite the time suck. 

I just used some pieces of Douglas Fir wood, attach them together from the back, sand, 
stain (walnut) and gave em quick coat of ASCP Pure White.
I did the stenciling in 2 different fonts using the 2" and 3". 
After penciling all the names, I went back in with an artist brush and used
graphite color chalk paint to fill in the names.  After it was dry, I used a sanding block 
to distress the words and gave it coat of clear and dark waxes. 
Easy but time consuming. 

It needs a home. Not mine. 


  1. love the subway art, i so want to make one of these., not sure if you caught the dresser feature
    thanks again for letting me feature you,

  2. Love it, Thanks for stopping by and leaving such wonderful comments on my blog :)