Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Union Jack table

I have been wanting to try a Jack for some time now. Couldn't find the right piece.  Then I saw
this one, from Restoration House Interiors.  I thought it looked so cool! Not to be copy-cat or anything, but I just had to copy it!!! hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.....right????!

This was just a standard '70s oak table. Hub cut it down. I sanded, mixed my chalk paint in a graphite, gray with a bit of blue added, and some white. Marking off the big cross wasn't that hard. But the lines going across just had me boggled. I'm a bit OCD when it comes to having things line up properly. I wanted to make sure the spaces were even all the way around.  After I don't know how long of trying to get the small stripes to match up, I decided to use a template. I found a leftover piece of flooring that was exactly 4" wide. I laid it diagonal across the cross and that was it! Easy peasy.  It's a lot of taping, but no biggie. After the harlequin pattern, this thing was a breeze! It would look better on something rectangular, like a dresser, but whatever.   I haven't decided if I'm keeping it or selling it.

After cutting it down.  This wasn't an
antiques by the way.

                                       My cat Athena matches perfectly!


  1. ooh it looks fabulous! love it on the round surface and love your colors!

  2. Thats AWESOME!!!! Stopping by from Miss Mustard Seed!

  3. It's super cute. Love the unexpected but fabulous color choice...!!!