Friday, February 24, 2012

Old hutch gets a new life! Complete before, during and after shots......

Ok. Here it is. Got so excited to start, almost forgot the before shots! One of the glass doors had a crack in the glass, so I decided I would just leave them off altogether.  This was a CL find for $40.00. Probably was 20 too much! 

Here's the AFTER.  I didn't get it to go here, but you'll read about that later!

             I make my own chalk paint using Plaster of Paris. However, I did get a quart of ASCP in Provence just so I could see the difference. This black is a mixture of Martha Stewart "francesca" and some other black paint I had laying around! I used half and half of each and about 1 cup of the plaster of paris.  I use two coats on everything. BTW, my chalk paint and the ASCP finish exactly the same. See for yourself. AS goes on a little smoother, but the end result is the same. IMHO. 

 Even though you don't have to sand, I still do. Don't know why. Old habits from wood finishing.  I just feel like starting with a nice clean smooth surface.  I removed the back thinking I was going to paint it, but after pulling it out (or rather after hubby ripping it off!) the veneer paneling began peeling. Covering it with fabric seemed easier than fixing it.

 I applied ASCP in Provence to the inside of the hutch and painted it in the grooves of the door before giving it it's second coat of black.  This pic above shows the detail work to the crown molding.  I applied the blue sparingly with a very dry brush and made sure to work it in well.

Here are the doors after being painted. The left one has been distressed and sanded but I haven't added the Provence color yet. 
Here is one of the doors all finished and waxed. I was so jazzed when I saw those colors come to life! 
I did splurge on the AS clear wax and her application brush. The wax works great and you get a good workout applying it! Hate that part! 

I spray painted the original scrolls and hinges ORB and picked up these new knobs at Hobby Lobby. All knobs were 50% off!  I went nuts and bought out half the bins! One never knows when one might need knobs!

 Now for the sick part. After getting this all done, I moved it inside by my back door, mudroom-like area, only to find out it was too big! WTH?? AAARRRRRGGGHHHH.  So much for measuring! I really wanted to keep this! 

I also found this fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby. It was applied to the back using some spray adhesive and small staples. 

 It doesn't really go here in the hallway. I stuck it here to take pics and because I really don't have anywhere else to put it.   I guess I will have to sell it.  :{

                         Just an excuse for me to find another one to do!!!!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness! Beautiful! So you have used both as well- DIY Chalk paint and ASCP! Okay, I wrote you back on my site but wanted to post here too to make sure you'd get it. I've tried the DIY chalk paint (non-sand grout & flat paint) and it didn't mix well and peeled off in parts. Any ideas? Is that the same as plaster of paris? I would love NOT to redo the green apple dresser with primer, sanding, etc! :)

    1. Ok..I use 2 parts paint to one part Plaster of Paris..add a little water if it's too thick. I have used flat, satin semi gloss and hi gloss and a mixture of two of them. I've even combined different brands of paint. Never had any problems with it peeling. I add the plaster slowly while stirring. Get your self a little plastic cup to measure. I fill it twice with the paint and once with the plaster. I do sand all my wood, even if it's just to scuff it up. Then I give it a quick wipe with mineral spirits or Naptha (which by the way, you can't buy here anymore in Calif). Thats it. I give a quick sand after the first coat, just because I'm OCD about having things smooth. Another sand on the second coat. Wipe it down w/a damp rag and apply the wax. Thats it. Good as gold. Try that and see if it works.

  2. I love this! I did a secretary recently and the colors look alot like yours. As soon as I get some good "after" pics, I'm going to post about it.

    All of your things are beautiful!