Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Greetings all! This is my first attempt at blogging so please bear with me at my feeble attempts! 
I've always loved woodworking and refinishing but never have done the painting thing. After pouring through dozens of bloggers and reading up on helpful tips (thank-you everyone) I decided to pursue my passion. And here I thought I was the only nutcase out there!! Anyway, here is the beauty I found on CL. It was a little beat up. 

                               Both front legs were in need of some surgery.  A little wood glue and
                                   wood filler and she was ready to sand.
 This was my first ever piece I attempted at painting. I used a latex paint and some glaze mixed w/black paint for the accents.  I was totally winging this.  I just copied what I saw on other bloggers posts!

I have no idea why the bottom drawer came out like that. I used a wipe on poly on the entire piece
and I didn't vary the application.  Dunno.

I was so happy with my first piece, I kept her! But I got an email asking if it was for sale by someone
looking over my blog.  I can always do another!  :)  I sold her.  ;(


My second piece was this oak dresser

                           This is the Mt Airy dresser. I scored this one for 50 off of CL. She wanted 75,,,I was new to the game,,,I bartered for $50 and a pewter baby frame  (She had told me over the phone that  her daughter just had a baby) I had lying around the house!! It worked! Never hurts to ask.....

                                There is a mirror, but the woman I sold this to didn't want it.
                          I sanded everything with 100, 250 and 350 grit. The top got 3 coats of a
                          dark walnut stain.   I used my own homemade chalk paint on this one.
                            I mixed some DunnEdwards Antique White and a little DE Lemon something.
                        About 16 oz total. I stirred in about 8 oz of plaster of paris and viola! Chalk paint!
                               I add a little water if it feels too thick.

                             I gave the dresser 2-3 coats, sanding in between each one.

                                       I lined the drawers with some leftover fabric.

                                I took an 80-100 grit sandpaper and distressed the edges.
                               The whole thing got a coat of mixwax dark finishing paste.
                               The original hardware got buffed and cleaned with Brasso.
                         I'm thoroughly hooked on my chalk paint. I just love it.
                         I know they say you don't have to sand or prime. But I just can't help it.
                          All those years of finishing wood, just makes me want to sand.
                                                 I think it makes for a better base.


  1. this turned out awesome! great job on your hutch as well. good start on your blog. drop me a note if you need my help.

  2. Great job, Laura. I'm about to start my blog also so I'll follow you and learn..

  3. This looks great for only your 2nd piece of painted furniture! I want to try the chalk paint, I'm just waiting for the right piece at the right price. Thanks for sharing your homemade chalk paint recipe - that stuff can be sooo expensive!

  4. when you say you lined the drawers with fabric.... what do you mean exactly? is the cloth glued down - or just cut and hemmed to fit? how fussy do you get with that? I LOVE scented paper drawer liners - but only buy them at very big sales - and they are hard to find. Thanks!

    1. Yes. I cut the fabric to fit and then use a spray adhesive to get it to adhere. There are many different ways, but this seems to work for me!

  5. Where do you have your stuff for sale at? I just stumbled across your blog. How much do you charge to fix up a dresser?

    1. olivia, my email is on the home page, on the right side. I'd be happy to answer any of your questions!