Saturday, December 5, 2015

Vintage Thomasville Faux Bamboo Desk

This bamboo line from Thomasville was/is very popular. Original paint finish for this guy was the white laminate top with yellowy-green paint finish. Not so popular in this day and age! The desk was part of the entire bedroom set. I know a lot of fellow finishers have done the desk and the dresser.
I've wanted to do one for quite awhile and finally stumbled across this piece online. 

I couldn't seem to find any before picture, other than this one I had atop another piece. My hoarder condition in the garage is reaching alarming proportions. You know you have issues when start stacking your inventory three-high! 

This is a stock photo I googled. Mine was almost identical in condition.

 Everything but the top got a good sanding. The drawers (inside, and all of the wood sides) got
sanded and a few coats of primer. The body was sanded so the finish was smooth and even. My goal wasn't to sand off all of the original paint, but merely smooth it out to get it ready for the primer.

I chose to finish off the paint I had used on an earlier piece,,,,,this one, since it looked so good!

And of course my signature accented inner drawers got a glossy coral!

Many painters neglect the sides or don't take the time to prep them properly. It makes a huge difference in the finish. Look at the blue one that I found for sale online. They are asking quite a bit for it and didn't even bother to clean up the drawer sides.

And while we're on the bashing subject, if you are listing a piece for sale, how about you take the time to stage it?? You don't have to do an entire vignette (although it sure does help) but at least take the time to place it on a more desirable surface! 
Cracked, stained asphalt does nothing to help sell. 

The hardware got a fresh new metallic gold coat. 

I just happened to have this mid century chair lying around and thought it matched pretty well! So, it's free with the desk!  The mirror and the beach sign are two of my other painting projects. While the mirror color doesn't quite go, the other beach sign fits in perfectly with the desk! This would look so cute in a beach cottage. 
I'm glad I chose to leave the top as is. 

thanks for visiting!!

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  1. This is beautiful, love the color you chose!

  2. Just love it! I have a faux bamboo piece just waiting for me in the garage! Featuring tonight on The Painted Drawer Link Party!

  3. I have a thomasville bamboo dresser to paint, but it needs so much prep before any gloss paint. I just don't want to deal with it! haha Sanding all the details is a paint. Did you have to fill any gaps and dings before painting?

  4. I love this piece, beautiful job! Just wondering what paint colors did you use for the blue and the coral? I love the look of this!