Saturday, June 27, 2015

orchid boxes

I love orchids and have a gazillion of them. Ok, maybe not that many, but a lot. In my front patio I have a vertical wood orchid wall that we built about 5 years ago with iroku wood. It's like ipe. Here's what it looked like when it was first done:

The wood is so nice and new! It doesn't get direct sun and it's like ipe and teak, so it can get wet.

And now:

 walking through the front gate, into my courtyard area. 
 All the wood orchid planter boxes, we made.  These two are the recent additions:

The area below the blue wall is my koi pond.. That window is to my son's room. He has the best
room in the house.When you open his window, you can hear the pond waterfall.
And here is what the pond looks like. don't really have any recent, decent shots of this pond. There are no more plants in the water because the koi rip them to shreds. 

 I've recently added some Tillandsia (air plants) that I glued to driftwood.

And here is the one we just finished in the backyard. This vertical wall is behind the waterfall feature to the koi pond. It hides the mechanical workings for the pond.

 The slat wall is redwood. Hub made all of the boxes for the orchids, as well as putting up the slats.
As usual, I had to finish and apply marine varnish to each board.

 This is the plumbing stuff that gets to be hidden. We just got a new filter that sits in the ground now.

When the plants start to grow and trail, it will look really cool! I will hopefully plan on doing a new paint job on the stucco walls and the patio overhang.  Will also make a new bridge out of the same redwood.

here was an older pic from years back. what an overgrown mess!! We had a bamboo screen to hide the above ground 50 gallon drum filters.

And, same view, 10 years ago after it was just built!! Holy greenery batman!
Hadn't yet put in the french doors to the left, or built the deck.

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  1. your vertical Orchid wall are beautiful. beautiful patio.