Thursday, March 12, 2015

An Urban Bronze MCM Stanley

Wow. Look at me go. Two posts in 3 days!  Clearing out the garage baby. 
 This mid century Stanley dresser has been sitting idle for months. I just couldn't decide what to do with it. After stripping the top (the wood is meh) and the drawers, I had to decide to paint the whole thing or just give it a two-tone look.  I really liked the burled wood on the drawer ends. So I decided to keep those intact. The middle ones were walnut veneer so I redid those as well.

This is what I saw and looked at for months. I even reached out to Martha Leone since she always comes up with some killer ideas for her pieces. She suggested leave those wood parts I had talked about and paint the rest. Just keep it simple. I had to agree with that. 
 So here's how we ended up! 

SW Urban Bronze in a semi-gloss. I tried it in the Emerald line. Love painting with that! I think it's just as good as the Pro-Classic line and BM Advance. Goes on super smooth. 
I left the burled parts natural. Just sealed with shellac and a few coats of Arm r Seal 
Isn't this wood cool? Why on earth did the manufacturer use this wood and then cover it up?? 
 When I redo my dressers, I take great care in doing the entire thing. I sand down the drawers inside and outside. This is really nice wood. So I take time to make it smooth and seal it with shellac.
 What does one do when one spills paint inside of the drawer??!! Improvise. I wasn't going to paint the drawer bottoms because the wood was pristine. But I spilled half a can of paint on it! So, I had to paint the left drawer bottom too so it would match! Wasn't about to paint all NINE drawer bottoms!

Mama looks rather comfy.  
I painted this top about 4 times and sanded down every time. I brushed and rolled. 


  1. Beth, you did a fabulous job! The burl wood is stunning in this transformed version. I love this piece. I saw your link at Miss Mustard Seed's party, along with a host of other amazing pieces. But I especially wanted to let you how how impressed I am by your efforts. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey

  2. The burled wood panels with the gray is fabulous.

  3. Great find and finish! I can see it in a Mad Men scene! Love it.