Friday, February 27, 2015

New Paint

Still here. Just haven't finished anything. You know how you get a million projects to do and decide to work on all of them at once? No?? Well, I do. I have every intention of sticking to one thing and then I get bored and start on another. Furniture ADD? I dunno. 
I'm finally getting around to this Stanley MCM piece. 

 I already stripped and sanded and somewhat stained the drawers in the above pic. Those square ends of the burled wood really had me stumped. Very busy wood grain all going on. Didn't want to paint over that, so I decided to paint everything else except the squares and solid dark walnut on the middle drawers. He's a busy guy.  I', leaving the burled wood natural and just adding a glossy top-coat.
I have been wanting to try Sherwin Williams Urban Bronze forever! Found out they do not make a
deep base in the Pro-Classic line. The SW rep said their new Emerald line does and is very well suited for wood and trim. She gave me a demo can to try it out. I love it! This paint is like the Pro-Classic line. It goes on beautifully. I used a very good brush and had no issues.

Stay tuned for the finish..........hey look, a new dresser.......,,,,,,,,


  1. I noticed that you don't watermark your photos. Would that help cut down on stolen photos? I don't know much about this sort of thing, but I have read of others who many have done this in an attempt to cut down on the occurrences.

  2. great piece-I have a piece with the same type of wood on the drawers and I can't paint it either!