Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pink and Orchid!

I was contacted by a customer who saw my work and asked if I could paint one of the 
dressers I had in my inventory. I had just started painting it in a radiant orchid color.
She said, " I want something very pink with gold accents."  Perfect! I didn't have to repaint. 
This was one of those 70's style dressers that look so cool in bright colors. 
Thank goodness. Because bright is what she wanted and got! 
Yes it is upside down. I was way overstocked!
 And here is the finished product with the colors she wanted. Radiant orchid on the drawers, a custom mix of Gypsy Pink and Orchid on the body, and metallic gold on the handles and accents. Yes I realize it isn't for everyone.  But she has a very specific taste and wanted something bold and beautiful. It's going against a raspberry colored wall. She also has a pink velvet chaise with lots of gold. I think this will fit right in! 
Everything got one coat before I sprayed the gold. (BTW, I hand painted this entire thing)
When she asked me for the gold, I thought I would use a mixture of MM gold with some of the pink. Kind of like getting a very faint glittery gold. Not so "In your face". Well, the customer didn't want mild. She wanted a clear delineation of gold and pink. Ok. Will do. 
 The top and bottom parts were taped off and sprayed twice. It did come out rather nicely!
 Before she even contacted me, I had already started to paint the drawer sides in
"Evening Plum" by General Finishes. I love their milk paint!
Luckily it coordinated with the other colors. 
 Too bad I had sprayed the handles silver before she called and wanted gold. Just more work. 
Regardless of whether or not you like the colors, everyone has there own idea of what they like.
I think the dresser turned out very pretty.  If I had a little girl, I think it would look fab in her room. These styles of dressers just call out for bold paint jobs. A gray chalk paint just would not do anything for this piece. Just like these colors would look silly on an antique mahogany tallboy. I like to consider the piece and try to go from there. Just my 2 cents worth.

And here is the photo Sienna sent me after she got it moved up into her room. Goes perfectly!!


  1. O.M.G. I LOVE the colors! You are so flippin' talented! How come you see everything in living color and all I see is an ugly old 70s dresser. I <3 you and your work!

  2. Actually, it looks just like some of the pieces they have in the "Bippity Boppity Boutique" at little girls would be ALL over this! It looks PERFECT with all the woman's other a glove! ;)

  3. come on....goes perfectly??? with what???? that ISN'T a's : lack of....horrid!

  4. Sharon, thanks for your comment, but if you read my post the colors are just what the customer wanted. They are paying me for a service which I provided. Quite nicely if I may say so. She posted the pic on her Instagram and everyone loved it. I also had it on my FB and had many nice comments about it. It is PERFEcT for a little girl who is into Disney characters. Or for my client who has the decor for it. Just because it doesn't go with what you like or perceive to be in style, doesn't mean you have to bag on others about. Try and show some class. I'm going to assume your place is filled with beige and brown and white or anything muted in that color family. Which is fine. for you. I think it's boring.