Sunday, November 24, 2013

Another Kent Coffey

Behold the Kent Coffey from The Continental line. 
Normally I'm good about before shots, but not this time. 
It wasn't in horrible shape. It's just that the 55 year old finish is really not happenin' anymore! 
You can see the drawers before and after I sanded. Like most of the others, this is a walnut veneer.
 Lovely blotchiness yeah??! I always use a pre-conditioner before I stain (and this proves exactly why you should). But I'm thinking I waiting too long and it had already been absorbed and dried. This was not good. Even sanding it again didn't work. I had to use a varnish stripper to get the stain to release. 
Just extra work for me. I was able to get most of it up and with another sanding, got it to look passable. 

Normally I do a lot of two-tone, but I really like how the walnut finished up on this one. But just to
add a bit of color, I did the trim around the drawers in custom mix orange. This dresser was already
spoken for by a friend of mine. She's doing her room in charcoal grays, whites and a touch of orange.
One of the knobs went MIA in transit, so I found these cool replacements from Anthro.

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  1. Hi Beth! This looks great. I adore that little tiny pop of orange you did on the trim. What a great effect. I find stain nightmarish sometimes too. One of my early dresser tops looked like it had leprosy. I actually use gel-stain now, and find it much less temperamental!