Monday, October 7, 2013

A little off track today

I just thought I'd post something that I come across quite often. I'm a frequent shopper of Craigslist. Being 25 miles from Los Angeles to the west and the heart of Orange County to the south, there are a plethora of sales every single day. I can spend hours perusing the furniture sections looking for anything and everything.  With that being said, people who want to sell their items are sometimes, well, clueless. I'm going to post a few pics of actual ads I've come across........

Are you kidding me??? Any idea what this person is selling??? How about the 
lovely desk/organization center?? Hmmmmm????
Seriously people, clean up your mess!!! Good God. 

could you possibly get a darker picture?? 

Uh that blurry thing to the right is the item  for sale...Yeah sure,,,I can totally make it out.

This guy was selling a dresser and I guess wanted to showcase the legs. All I see is an inch of dust. Gives me heebie jeebies.  

This one is window coverings. Yep. those are some fine curtains ya got there. 

Dresser for sale. Dark wood. Yes it is. Ever hear of a flash??

Bed for sale. And you can't even make it first and take all the crap off???? OMG

I think this is a bed frame or dresser set for sale.  Really??

Ok. This one made me throw up just a little. Here is what the ad read:
"I'm giving away this beautiful, soft and clean couch for FREE!!"

Uh, yeah, Cuz like who in their right mind would pay you money for it??
Beautiful and clean???!! Say what?? Can you even imagine plopping down on this?? omg. people are really weird. 

I realize everyone is not a pro photographer or has a great camera, but common sense should
prevail here. If you are trying to sell something, people have to be able to see it. 
Educate yourself!! that off my chest. 


  1. Some people r clueless. I have never bought anything off of craigs list but when I do I will look for these goofballs who will probably sell dirt cheap.

  2. Ha ha, I've seen real estate ads (photos of rooms in houses for sale) that look like that. I can't imagine why someone wouldn't move something out of the photo, even if they put it right back, to help the place look neater. Sometimes it's just one odd thing in the middle of a room, but distracts from the photo of what is actually for sale.

  3. I love these types of postings because they normally don't know what they've got and will take $30 when I offer that, LOL. Sucks for them, awesome for me! :D