Sunday, February 24, 2013

MCM Credenza

Time to switch things up. In the LA area, these mid century credenzas are quite
the hot ticket item.  But to find one on the cheap is rare. But I did.

 I believe these retro vintage pieces look best either natural or bold colors of the era. I gave this one both.  Tangerine baby!  Now I realize this style isn't for everyone. I don't think it's necessarily for 
me.  But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate it or enjoy working on it. It's different. 
I get so tired of doing the same thing on the same pieces. I like to mix it up and try
out different techniques and different colors. So, here ya go!
I could not save the sides or top. 

 Sanded the whole thing. Primered the sides and top. Put a dark stain on the drawers and trim.
Solid wood legs. Bottom is before, middle is after sanding and the top is after staining.
This walnut veneer finished up beautifully! Look how it pops w/the orange.
 I painted the top 3 drawers in a gorgeous Bahama Blue to pop against the tangerine. Love!

I used at least 5 coats of paint and 2 coats of acrylic semi-gloss top coat. I rolled a few coats
didn't like how it looked, and finished by brushing on the last 2 coats. I also sanded between
each coat. 

I thought about lugging this into the house for staging, but this beast is heavy and at least 6' long! 
 So, use your imagination and ignore my icky garage floor.

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  1. Although I don't have anything tangerine, I actually think this is a real fun piece. Interested in seeing who will buy it. Laura @Top This Top That

  2. Well I agree...that dresser isn't my style BUT you did a great job with it and that blue looks Uh-dorbs!
    Great job momma!

  3. This is so striking! Well done, my friend!

  4. Thanks for commenting over on my blog! Love these MCM dressers. I had one almost identical to yours that I stained and painted the top white on. The tangerine is a fun pop! Yours looks just like the one The Turquoise Iris did. I am glad some of the wood was salvageable... looks great!