Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vintage Desk re-do w/Stencil

I found this nice little vintage mahogany desk the other day. It was a little beat up, but
nothing that I couldn't handle with sanding and wood filler and my magic! 

 I took down the top to it's raw state and applied some
reddish walnut stain and lightly brushed on some varathane weathered gray stain. I decided on using gray
chalk paint and some stenciling. I sealed the top with a few coats of semi-gloss acrylic.

 Anyone who has ever painted one of these vintage pieces in a light color is familiar with bleed-through. Shelley??? Can you hear me???? (Shelley at "Shizzle Design" really knows!). Anyway, normally I prime w/white shellac based primer but I didn't want any white to show through on the distressing part. So, I painted on this shellac base wood sealer. Two coats. Dries fast and gives a nice surface to paint, Anddddd, no bleed through! Perfect!   OK,,,,so here the stencil on one of the drawers.
I used CeCe's white and lightly sanded to give a worn effect.
                               Here's the final result.  I staged it a few different ways.......

 This is the last shot I have of the Xmas wreath I spent hours making.
 Of course I dropped it and it 
shattered all over the floor. Oh well......

               The drawer bottoms were in poor shape. I lined the middle and painted the rest.
                           Can you see just the hint of gray on the wood???
                            Handles were really bad. I sprayed oil rubbed bronze on them.
                                                                                                 I only covered the middle drawer in velvet. The other all got painted in a grayish lavender.  I had
Martha Stewart's paint in "blue suede" and I mixed it w/some red. Instant purple! 

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  1. I made an ornament wreath last week, too! And dropped it, too! And it shattered on the floor, too! lol As my son would say, "Whatchya gonna do?" The desk turned out beautifully!

  2. I LOVE how you painted the insides of the drawers the beautiful blue/purple colour! The whole thing turned out beautifully!

  3. I LOVE how this one turned out!! Great job!!

  4. it looks beautiful! love the curves on this piece!

  5. The desk is beautiful! The stencil looks so nice--very subtle.

  6. Ha! Thanx for the shout out! Yes I have totally battled the dreaded bleed through and after a long, drawn out battle, I conquered that nasty stuff. So glad to be of help. Your desk caught my attention right away, I was like "what" I was like "huh?" when I noticed "Shizzle Design" in the verbage ~ doesn't take much to humor me, especially at the wee hours of the night. I'm only like a week behind on reading all my emails, but better late than never yeah? Have a very Merry Christmas, your desk turned out fabulous! Shelly

  7. I popped over from MMS. Great work! I love the idea of a hint of gray paint on top of the wood. Totally brilliant idea!

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  8. The desk turned out just beautiful!