Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dr Seuss nursery dresser

When I went to pick this little guy up from a CL ad, I didn't think it was quite 
this small!! People must have been tiny a century ago!  I believe this is an
old commode dresser or something.  I thought it would look cute in a baby's room.
 While transporting this in my truck, the little door snapped apart. I thought rather than repair it (it didn't close properly anyway) I would paint it inside and leave it open for a basket.  It was in rough shape!
After much repair......voila'

Sooooooo, here was the process...

Upon closer inspection, the drawers had been quite the meal for some termites.
I was able to salvage all but one of the back panels. 
The drawer bottoms were too far gone. I went to the lumber yard (I love walking around there!)
and grabbed a 4X8 sheet of ply-birch to use as the bottoms. Removed the old ones, 
traced them on the new sheet and used the jigsaw to cut them out. 
 Slid the new ones in, re-glued the dovetail joints and put a few nails in the back to hold them. Easy. 

It's amazing how much more secure just re-gluing the joints makes the drawers. This was the one
back piece that I had to replace. 
I also replaced the the bottom piece to the cubby. All the wood inside got a good sanding. 
 The wood top was stained and sealed with a shellac seal coat. Then I used chalk paint to paint the top.
I use the same method that I use on the boards on my beachy subway art.  Everything was sanded and distressed before I started the wording. I couldn't find the right orange, so I used a combo of what I had.
I drew the letters in pencil, after measuring and getting everything even, and then went back over them in the paint. 

I had already painted this cubby before I decided to use the quote. This was 
"inspiration as you work"! 
        Is this the cutest fabric?????!!! I love these colors!  Already had this material. It goes perfectly!
 I only had two of the milk blue glass knobs. I used rub n buff in silver leaf for the others I found in my stash!
 There was a gap in back so I added this back piece. I'm assuming there used to be a mirror that I obviously didn't get. 
  Maybe this can also double as a changing spot???? 

So Kathryn over at Kat's Kalamities suggested I use the broken door to make a hanger or sign.
What a cool idea!!!   Thats what I did. I repaired the broken part, took the same fabric I used
in the drawers and mod podged to the middle section. Used the same paint. I have to reapply the hinges. I thought I would string a pretty ribbon or rope through the hinge holes so it can
hang on the wall!!!


  1. I love it!!!
    I have an Anne of Green Gables dresser that just sold
    Great job

  2. so sweet!!!! i love the colors and i am a huge seuss fan. :)

  3. It looks like a wash stand for a bedroom. It would have held a pitcher and wash basin on the top and possibly a chamber pot behind the door. It would have had a "harp" at the back, which would have a rod on which to hang towels.

  4. love and the door I hope you still have.Paint the little door...and in the insert paint in a compliment blue to the inside of the wash stand...then you can do another quote....old doors are perfect for signs...and great to hang hooks on too

  5. Hi Beth,
    I am visiting you from Between Naps on the Porch,you are right next to my link. You did a great job on this sweet dresser, it has such pretty lines. You saw what it could become and created a lovely "new" piece of furniture for your home.. I have a old dresser just waiting for me to strip and paint in the garage. I guess I better get busy.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  6. This is so darn cute...what a neat idea you had here. Would love to have you come by and enter my current GIVEAWAY…it’s a goodie!!!


  7. How very very cute! Thanx for sharing at THT!

  8. How sweet! You did a fabulous job with this beauty!

    thanks for linking up at Catch as Catch Can, catching you this week!